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Things I Love Thursdays…Groovy Retro Owl Jewelry

9 Sep

Funky owl fashion has returned as one of 2011’s hottest trends. Its time to look in the back of mom’s jewelry box and pull out those vintage whimsical feathered friends. It all started in home decor back at the end of 2009 and has slowly trickled into the wearable fashion market. Necklaces have been the craze this summer, the wise old bird has also been spotted in pins and earrings too. Though stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have been cornering the market on affordable mass-produced versions, unique vintage styles are highly sought after and are fetching a pretty penny.  Ebay is the perfect place to find those hidden bargains, including fantastic signed pieces. Looks like these guys will be staying perched for a while too. Vintage owls will transition nicely into the Fall retail market with their mix of earthy colors.  They will be quite the “hoot” striking a couture pose on the runway with Fashion Designer Jill Stuart’s fall line , who is featuring owls in her 70’s inspired collection. What do you think about this retro return?

Swapmeet Sunday with JOSEFF of HOLLYWOOD

4 Sep

This honorary junior picker received her new wheels today. My trusty wire basket served me well for about 3 years, but was horribly bent out of shape and sort of tilted to one side as I rolled down each dusty row of venders. The jeers and smirks I normally get from “not having the proper equipment” were met with great big smiles as my cart was hijacked by an 80-year-old man!  Before I could question this odd behavior, fingers all pointed to a brand new shiny white metal rolling basket. “Here”, said one of my mentor pickers, “now you can roll like the big guys, now get going before the good stuff is gone!” Gotta love these guys of the greatest generation. Tough gruff exteriors but each has the heart of an angel.

My amazing find today came from a table piled high with costume jewelry that must have spanned at least 80 years. Treasure hunts like this tend to be a favorite of mine, but when it’s quickly approaching 100 degrees, you must work fast! A gold tone filigree pin caught my eye..oh, and its signed. I didn’t recognize the signature on the back, so I looked it up when I got home. This is what I found!

A gold tone JOSEFF of HOLLYWOOD  filigree flower pin/brooch that dates back to the 1930’s-40’s. Joseff made jewelry used by the biggest stars in Hollywood. His beautiful creations were seen in movies like “Gone with the Wind” and “Around the World in Eighty Days” For Joseff it was very important to create pieces based in historical fact. The combining of movie industry requirements and his amazing talent resulted in some of the most gorgeous pieces ever seen. Currently on sale, click link below.


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