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Way Cool Wardrobe Wednesdays LEVI STRAUSS

7 Sep

Denim Timeline

1848:  Gold rush started in California and durable clothing was needed for the miners

1853:  Leob Strauss (later changed to Levi Strauss) arrived in San Fransisco to start a wholesale clothing business. The miners were having trouble with pockets tearing and Jacob Davis had an idea to reinforce the pockets with rivets. Davis didn’t have the money to patent his idea at the time.

1872:  Strauss worked with Davis to pay for the patent, and the production of copper-riveted “waist overalls” began.

1873:  The first sales of riveted clothing began

1886:  A leather label was added showing a pair of jeans being pulled in opposite directions by horses, thus showing the strength of the jeans.

1891:  The rivet patent goes public and other companies begin to use the idea.

1930’s:  The western movies of Hollywood showed cowboys wearing jeans increasing the popularity.

1940’s: During WWII jeans were not produced as much, but off duty GI’s introduced them to the world and people outside the US started to wear them after the war. Wranger and Lee competed for their share of the market.

1950’s:  Denim became popular with many young people and was often known as a sign of rebellion. Some schools banned the wearing of denim. Teenagers called the waist overalls “jean pants”.

1960’s:  Many college students wore jeans.  Jeans reflected the 60’s fashions (embroidered, painted, patched).  Outside the US, jeans became a symbol of “Western decadence”.

1970’s:  World trade regulations relaxed and jeans were being made faster and cheaper in 3rd world countries. More people outside the USA begain wearing jeans

1980’s:  Jeans went designer! Famous designer made their own styles and labels. Sales skyrocketed!

1990’s:  Jeans sales went down and other fabics, finishes, cuts etc were introduced.

2000’s: Mix of decades past denim fashion blends. This is when we also see the $100 to $300 jeans.

Hats off to the man that started it all, Levi Strauss. What was your favorite Levi Strauss Style?

Vintage Levis Strauss White Label 70’s Jacket

Vintage Levis Strauss Mod Green Jacket



Way Cool Wardrobe Wednesdays

31 Aug

I was the perfect age in the 80s. I turned 11 in 81 and got my first radio, was in love with Simon LeBon and Ducky from Pretty in Pink, listened to the Thompson Twins and dressed like Madonna. Imagine my surprise when I took my daughter shopping for school clothing this fall and saw that they 80’s were totally back!  Of course my daughter knows my passion for the 80’s and insisted on an off the shoulder pink number with sparkles.

For our vintage wardrobe snippet I grabbed a pair of awesome pink two-tone pinstripe Chemin de fers. There were so many great styles back then. One of the most popular styles was a front button denim sailor look, but this stunning pink is a great example of the multitude of colors available through the years. They had a high waist, and depending on what part of the decade wide or skinny legs. These feature a slimmer leg which was closer to the 80’s . If you were wearing a pair from the 70’s you would finish the look with a cool pair of cork platforms…they are back in style too! Click on the link for more details

Pink Two Tone Pinstripe Chem de Fers

Momma’s Kitchen Monday

29 Aug

My favorite color has always been GREEN. Its one of those colors that no matter what shade (with maybe exception to the day glow 80’s neon) is a soothing feel good color. In  home decor it provides a calming effect for my busy family. My highlight today is a flashback find from a local thrift shop. A trio of 60’s-70’s avocado plastic kitchen storage containers with sweet contrasting white flowers on the front. A retro feeling that is very vouge right now. Posted on my Etsy.

Retro Trio of 60’s-70’s Plastic Kitchen Containers in Avocado Green

Its Swapmeet Sunday….

28 Aug

Its been so HOT here in Central Cali that I took off extra early to beat the heat. I knew it was going to be a decent day when I heard my 80-year-old vet picker yell “junior” from over his hot coffee and donut while sitting at the taco truck waiting for more venders to arrive. These old guys call me junior, short for “picker junior” go figure, I am a young 40. I was informed he had already “scouted the perimeter” and told me where to find the good stuff.  Here are a few photos of my favorite find. A rustic antique old world cheese grater. Probably used by an eating establishment or a large family. It is a lovely handmade wood box, with the grater built right into it. A lovely glass knob also adorns the drawer where the cheese is stored. It measures 10.75″ x 71/8″ x 3.25″  I was only able to find one other Antique Wood Box Grater on Ebay

This vintage beauty is listed on my Etsy site, check it out!


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