Momma’s Kitchen Monday…My Grandma’s Wooden Spoon

5 Sep

Material items seem to mean so much more when people pass.  Every time I pick up a wooden spoon a rush of emotions turn to memories of my grandmother who I lost a few years ago. Grandma Tumbleson was a whirlwind,  a silver ball of fire who could whip up an entire feast in the blink of an eye, darn a hole in any sock you thought was destined for the rag pile and had an incredible way with stories that could keep any child entertained for hours.

I remember when I left for college she gave me a dishrack dryer filled with soap, towels, cleaning  supplies and a few other kitchen essentials to include a wooden spoon. I don’t remember grandma using a mixer too much if at all growing up, but I sure remember her wooden spoon. Its just one of those things I always associated her with. She was either using it to mix up one of the heirloom recipes, or shaking it at a child when they were out of line.

 My entire family lovingly remembers her famous line that will forever be instilled in our hearts, “you better (here you have to insert the issue at hand) or I will beat your butt! “This was always said while clenching her worn wooden spoon and chasing the guilty around …most of the time the kitchen table, until you would be laughing so hard that you would agree to listen to anything she said. No one was immune to this treatment when she was around, I remember my father was even subject to this behavior a couple of times.

Today you will always find a wooden spoon in my kitchen, not only does it spark soothing childhood memories of a wonderful lady, it’s a way to teach my children about the gentle balance of order and turning life into happy moments.

My Wooden Spoon

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