Funnybone Friday with Gary Larson

2 Sep

The 80’s were just a hoot anyway, but Gary Larson made them all the funnier. Gary Larson is the creator of The Far Side, a cartoon series that syndicated internationally to newspapers for 15 years. He produced 23 books prior to his retirement in 1995. I remember his comedic coffee cups always being given as gifts for that bit of humor during that perfect occasion and everyone had a copy or two of his hilarious paperback books that were always fun to pass around. Something you may not know about Gary is that he originally worked in a record store, was a jazz guitarest, designed an album cover for a jazz band and a cover for the New Yorker. I dusted off my copy of The Pre-History of the Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit.  From Gary Larson’s introduction:

One day, a long, long time ago at a retail music store where I had been working for almost a year, I had an unexpected revelation. As I stood next to the cash register, the sky seemed to suddenly open up over my head and a throng of beautiful angels came flying down and swirled around me. In glorious, lilting tones, their voices rang out, “you haaaaaate your job….” And then they left. But I knew it was true – Angels don’t lie. I hated my job.

He’s an amazing artist, who followed his dream through a successful career and now his highly collectable art is coveted my many.

The Complete Gary Larson Collection (1980-1994) Ebay Listing

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