Things I Love Thursdays…WOOD BOWLS

1 Sep

The pioneers whittled them as needed while crossing the great plains of our country. Early settlers loaded them in trunks to bring over to the New World to begin a new life. I am talking about wooden bowls, ranging from tiny salt dishes to very large oval pieces that were used for a main entrée during supper. Not many of these old pieces have survived due to their functionality in those days, but some lie preserved in museums, admired by many. There are still wonderful pieces to be discovered out there, ones that you would have found in grandmas kitchen. 

Making of a Wood Bowl

The early settlers of this country made their bowls using very simple tools like a knife, chisel and plane. Toward the 18th century we began to see the use of lathes by colonial tradesmen making their wares. This is where the name “turner’s ware” comes from. Maple, pine, poplar, yellow birch, cherry, ash, beech, and walnut are the most common woods that were used. The most cherished by collectors are the nests of bowls that were made from White Ash and other rare pieces such as bowls using curly and bird’s-eye maple.

Wood Chopping Bowls

Most in demand and collected are the bigger chopping bowls. I prefer all the rustic nicks and chops of time in mine. Each has a story to tell and just adds to the beauty. If you are someone who prefers to restore your bowl here are a few easy steps. First, a good finish requires a light sanding with a fine paper inside and out, next use a new 0000 steel wool. Last, you can wax the outside to a high shine. The inside unfinished area just needs a fine coat of cooking oil to keep from getting too dry.

Wood Bowls Used In Your Decor

Robinhood Ware Large Avocado Oval Wood Bowl (1920’s -1940’s)

You don’t need to use your older pieces for whisking, beating or chopping in the kitchen. These nostalgic pieces of art can be beautifully displayed on mantles with seasonal decor, on breakfast nooks with colorful mounds of fruit and oh so much more. I would love to hear your ideas!

Robinhood Ware Handpainted Wood Cherry Bowl (1920’s-1940’s)

These will be listed to my Etsy Site this week!

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